Driphouse – Untitled (LP Spectrum Spools)

Spectrum Spools the Editions Mego subsidiary are ramping up their release schedule at the moment and bring us this Driphouse album which is a reissue of a cassette that originally appeared on the Root Strata label in an edition of 100.

Driphouse is Daren Ho who has a fairly impressive cv having been in Arizona Jaguar, Cuticle, Mandelbrot and Skyy, Raccoo-oo-oon and Trash Dog

This is to my ears a fairly unusual album in that Daren has that fairly typical Mego sound you would expect with the abstract electronics and an experimental edge to his music but he’s combined this with some rather ambient and simplistic piano melodies. In places this works to great effect in particular on “In Peru”  with it’s very Coil sounding backing track of a pulsating bass note and squelching synth line. The addition to this of the sparse occasional piano melody works really well. Unfortunately on other tracks, most noticeably “Chompers World,” the piano line is played with notes where the melody seems to go to pitches that are deliberately a semi tone lower or higher than you would expect so sound like they are being played incorrectly almost in a Victor Borge deliberate misplaying sort of way. If you took away the tracks that have that element on the album and were just left with the purely electronic  tracks or the pieces such as “In Peru” where the piano really works then you would be left with a pretty satisfying release for Daren’s debut on Spectrum Spools. DB

Contact: http://editionsmego.com/spectrum-spools