DROUGHTER Ė Skin Gentlemenís Club (CD-r Obfuscated Records)

Droughter is (or was, as he is currently active as Constrain) Kevin McEleny, the guy behind the Heavy Psych label. And all though I assume this is produced and recorded in the US, the music has the signature of Japanese noise, somewhere between Masonna (not that violent however), Hijokaidan (less experimental and psychedelic) and Merzbow (less ambitious). Having said this, one could ask the question if this Droughter release then would be worth buying. It is though, as it has a certain fascinating and distinct quality that is very much able to fill a room completely up to the point it squeezes out all air leaving a dazzled listener behind.  

Harsh electronic blasts of noise, thrown over and over again in the face of the listener like giant waves of ferocity, as if one is continuously exposed to amplified breakers until the point where one cannot distinguish beauty from ugliness since some senses get stunned. This relentless electronic violence strives to almost bleed out of your speakers, into the room,  mixing up oddly with the atmosphere to synthesize exotic waterfalls of white noise, to give one the intimate impression this is a private perverse show by Droughter solely for the listener. Remarkable how this kind of music is in contrast with silence, as for me there is no other sound that is so much in conflict with the stillness that surrounds us. Whitehouse for example made use of this disturbing effect already when they built in the extra long intentional breaks on New Britain.  

Expect a Merzbow in overdrive, with thrifty Dominick Fernow-esque vocal hysteria, oldskool power electronics in Sutcliffe Jugend style alternated by walls of white noise. Insiders now know exactly what to expect, so if you are into brutal electronics and you donít have to take into account fellow listeners or awkward neighbors with this one you cannot go wrong. PvdG.

Contact: www.obfuscatedrecords.com