Duprass - Galut (Diaspora) (CD Interval)

Iíve spent a lot of time listening to this album. Iíve been coming back to it for a couple of months now. I speak not a word of Hebrew so I canít understand the words on it but with the way the words and the sounds that accompany it have been put together it works purely as a piece made up of sounds rather than the piece of radio drama it was supposed to be. Itís only a short work 23 minutes and originally started life as an installation in Jerusalem.

To quote the label's website ďĎGalut (Diaspora)í was created as a radio drama. Nonetheless, it was originally exhibited as a sound installation at ĎBarburí gallery in Jerusalem (Solo Exhibition, March 3rd to March 31st 2011). The installation, consisted of eight audio channels and text, as well as a single painting hanged on the galleryís wall,  it has gone through another artistic mutation as presented to you here; the piece was mixed down to stereo signal and mastered to single CD format.Ē

Duprass is Liora Belford and Ido Govrin. Galut itself is made up of a three voice recitation by Ido Govrin, Daniel Bimbaum and Zohar Eitan with the texts by Moshe Gurin. To accompany the texts are fairly spacious musical and faux musical pieces, some minimal piano, some sound effects and some cello all providing clues perhaps to the mood of the pieces. You could probably get a translation of what is being said but for me it works best as sounds that donít have meanings associated to them and after having listened to this so many times now Iíd rather not know what it is thatís being said.

For me this is a very enjoyable album and one I canít help coming back to. I donít know how widely available it is but itís one I would recommend listening to even if like me you have no knowledge of Hebrew. DB

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