Kashiwa Daisuke - Program Music I (CD Noble)

There's no denying Kashiwa's abilities both as a musician and a technician. His compositions -two half hour tracks- are epic in both scale and scope, employing  piano, strings, drums and synths that carry it from a plaintive romanticism to flying-high elation.  

The most interesting section is the beginning where a lyrical piano introduces the theme. It's deftly cut up, splutters and comes out of different angles, while still retaining the original line. Quite amazing. From there on, he lets the composition soar. Clearly this is a musician in his element. What's particularly enjoyable are the little ticks and clicks he throws into what ought by rights be a straight forward run through. The jump-cuts, the stutters. But none of these are allowed to impinge on the music itself. It's played as written.

However, personally, it felt more like an exercise in cross-genre playing by a music teacher and it didn't have any weight to it at all. I can see him doing well as a soundtrack composer for big films. HM

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