Mathias Delplanque - Chutes (CD Baskaru)

Grizzled electronica, reshaped field recordings, stuttering rhythms and machine-like fluttering sounds merge into a whole that sways near a certain crystalline ambience thatís oddly been in vogue since Warp Records first cut their teeth on such music, ooh, at least a coupla centuries ago. Itís okay as a sweetener for a hangover or something, but itís all rather too polite and polished for my rather more demanding tastes. The press sheet also notes that this Frenchman, more generally known for his involvement in electronica outfits such as Lena and Stensil, used a wide variety of instruments and sources for his cultivating these piecesÖas though that actually means something in this day and age. What this actually signifies, if anything, is that, similar to the music itself, all this is nothing special. RJ.