El Doom & the Born Electric – S/T (CD Rune Grammofon)

You could call this a super group of sorts. El Doom are formed from Norwegian heavy and progressive bands and are fronted by Ole Petter Andreassen an all-rounder who sings, plays guitar, produces and writes all the material on this debut album.

As well as the main players there are also a number of guests from other bands that you’d associate with Rune Grammofon. There are a couple of members of Elephant 9 a member of the rather excellent Supersilent and Norwegian jazz guitar legend Jon Eberson.

The album itself is a blend of heavy and progressive rock. From a purely personal perspective there isn’t enough emphasis on the prog aspects of this it’s veering to close towards metal for my tastes. But where the progressive elements are more obvious and more dominant then it starts to become more satisfying. “The Hook” with its stunning guitar work from Eberson is the best example of this.

Not something I would listen to very often but if you have more of an ear more metal tinged rock than I do then you could do far worse than give this a listen. DB

Contact: www.runegrammofon.com