Ensemble Progresivo - Progressions (CD self released)

An apt title for an album that begins with one instrument and, over the course of five sections, builds into a quintet. Beginning with 'El Viaje de Amanda' Ricardo Tejero tentatively brings in the sax, like taking he's taking his first steps, he lays down the foundation structure for all the sections. 'Uno Doble' brings in Javier Carmona on percussion. The fluid, rhythmic playing tumbles with the sax, showing another aspect of the structure. This begins to show the possibilities of what can be done with that structure.

From here, as Marcio Mattos (double bass), Adrian Northover (soprano sax) and Alison Blunt (violin) are brought in, there's a firm sense of them playing off each other within that recurring initial composition. Each block becomes a thing in itself, as if it's freed from the first section and yet very much part of it.

Either way it's incredibly focused and tight, constantly shifting moods as a means of exploring what they're in the process of building.

It's a dynamic and weaving album. These five aspects of the first structure are an interesting working method which they also utilise for their live work. HM

Contact: www.ensembleprogresivo.com