Explosions in the Sky – Take Care Take Care (CD Temporary Residence)

Explosions in the Sky hail from Austin Texas (a place that’s given plenty of wonderful music before). They’ve been around since 1999 and have a basic line up of three guitar players and a drummer, bass makes an appearance when Michael James occasionally swaps his guitar for one.

Take Care Take Care continues with the post rock sound Explosions in the Sky are best known for, with six instrumental pieces that perhaps evolve more slowly than previous works and evoke a feel of soundtracks. The first thing that comes to mind with Take Care Take Care is Godspeed You Black Emperor. The feel, the sound, the emotions and the tracks produced are never more than a few feet away from GSYBE and that can certainly never be a bad thing. Add to that a touch a Pavement-lite and you’ve got Take Care Take Care. I’m not saying they are a sum of their influences, Explosions in the Sky certainly have their own sound and the way they’ve developed it over the last couple of albums is without doubt impressive.

There’s not really a dull track on this album and the order in which the tracks have been put together makes it flow rather well. One to put on for a long road trip through the countryside. DB

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