Expo '70 /Be Invisible Now! - Split (CDEP Boring Machines)

Two tracks from each band on this split release. Expo í70 start proceedings with a very mellow laid back piece that starts off with a slow synth riff not unlike what you might expect from very early post Syd Pink Floyd. Over this are layers of other synth textures and as youíd expect with an Expo í70 piece all topped off nicely with some equally subtle and unobtrusive guitar sounds. Just when you think thatís where itís going to stay an acoustic guitar riff comes in. Not a million miles away from Hawkwindís ďChildren of the Sun,Ē it adds a nice completeness to the piece and it drifts peacefully away like this until a couple of minutes from the end when Justin adds a couple of melody lines played on electric guitar. They could quite easily overpower the subtlety of the track but somehow manage to avoid doing that and add a nice little edge to the proceedings.

The 2nd Expo Ď70 piece sounds to my ears anyway as if itís all done on synth. I suppose you could put it in the Krautrock/Kosmische genre of synth pieces though the sounds Justin has chosen are not quite as clean and smooth sounding as youíd expect from say Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze theyíve got more bite to them. Itís a ten minute piece and to me loses something from not having some guitar on there.

Be Invisible Now! are not a band Iíve come across before but from what I can tell itís is a solo project by Italy's Marco Giotto who before he started working as Be Invisible Now! was working more in the fields of guitar improv and hardcore. So this really is quite a departure for him. Again the two tracks have more than a hint of Kosmische in them and so fit nicely together with the tracks  that Expo í70 have provided for this release. The first piece has a slight industrial edge to it in places and a large tribal rhythm makes it presence felt from about half way through but it certainly has Germany in the 70s as its primary influence. Itís probably the weakest of the pieces on this split. His second track is a far more successful piece. Itís more rooted in the present and sounds more of a glitch track than anything else. Complex rhythms and more digital sounding synths give this much more of an intriguing sound than the first piece  and make it seem not a million miles away from Plastikman the more minimal end of techno.

As a pair Expo Ď70 and Be Invisible Now! fit together fairly well though Iím not sure such a small amount of time for each of them really allows you to get a proper taste of what they can do but for anyone not already aware of their work this would serve well as an introduction. DB

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