Exxasens – Eleven Miles (CD Aloudmusic)


Exxasens is a solo project of Jordi Rulz a guitarist from Barcelona whose a member of Playmobile and Kyba. The project began in 2007 and is one of those My Space success stories you hear about in that he set up his own small home studio to give himself the opportunity to improve his compositions and to allow for more creativity. A song was uploaded monthly on MySpace and within a few months he had received over 10000 hits.

Eleven Miles is his third album and again is an entirely solo effort though there is an up coming tour where four other musicians will join Jordi.

Essentially eleven miles is a series of rock instrumentals. No clever widdly widdly guitar solos just some solid song writing, some decent production and you end up with a pretty listenable album. I could happily listen to this as background music or as something that doesn’t require too much attention but it doesn’t really go much beyond that for me. DB

Contact: www.aloudmusic.com