Yair Etziony - We Were Here Before, We Will Be Here After (CD Seasides On Postcards)


New album from the Israeli-cum-Berlin-resident Etziony, also known for running the False Industries ambient/electronic music imprint and being possibly the first laptop artist from his native country. The seven pieces constituting “We Were Here Before…” were inspired by his realising that a large cosmopolitan city such as Berlin is made up of tiny ‘villages’ in the form of businesses, neighbourhoods, markets and suchlike, each with its own character. Not one of the most remarkable observations, however, hence the music here not really standing out from a hundred other such albums hewn from the same drifting digital textures, calming rhythms and undercurrents of tempered samples and suchlike, I guess. Apparently, he returned to some old equipment to see if anything new would arise from it this time, but unfortunately this just sounds like said equipment added nothing whatsoever to a handful of cliched ideas best jettisoned as far as possible into the cosmos after being set to self-destruct once there. RJ

Contact: seasidesonpostcards.bandcamp.com