Chris Forsyth – Kenzo Deluxe (CD Northern Spy)

It almost seems to be the case with the Northern Spy label that a statistically unexplainable high number of releases are small jewels. Chris Forsyth’s Kenzo Deluxe is no exception. Recorded in 3 days in early January of this year, the disk feels as a lost gem from days long gone.  

Peeesseye-member Chris Forsyth plays a stripped down blues-rock and on this occasion brings it without too many sharp edges or experimentation. On offer is pure electric amplified guitar, treated with different effects; almost over-the-top wah-effects on ‘The first 10 minutes of ‘Cocksucker Blues’ (besides it succeeding in capturing a horny seventies-sound, the Stones reference remains a guess since their obscure track with that name only lasted just over 3 minutes), classical sounding finger picking on ‘Downs and Ups’ and almost psychedelic heavy distortion and reverb on the highlight ‘Boston St lullaby no. 2’. The risk of trying different styles is that no track really stands out, especially when the number of instruments or players is reduced to the absolute minimum, as is the case on Kenzo Deluxe. Still Forsyth manages to add something extra to most of the 5 tracks, and that’s in this case just what is needed to make the difference. 

Ecstatic in all its simplicity. PvdG