Ferran Fages, Jean- Philippe Gross, Will Guthrie - LMC Members Series (CDEP Antboy Music)

A low-end thrum shudders ahead rapidly revealing itself to be skittering for space and place as a steel clatter comes to the fore, spinning into feedback that washes the slate clean. In its place comes all manner of play. All rapid. All controlled. These insect like movements are nervous. A piano chime more akin to a grandfather clock striking 1 comes and goes unnoticed. The sounds rise, interweaving, locking, releasing, finally leaving space. Detuned radio leaves  a high pitched whine over the top, gradually tuning into other frequencies.  

These electronics become insects. They're alive and, rather than be left as they are,  have an almost biological logical to them. Synapsis fire madly away in their collective but shattered brain. There is no rest for the hungry and inquisitive.

 Recorded live at the LMC Festival in London on the 2nd of November 1005, the 20 minute recording finds the trip of Jean-Philippe Gross (electronics and buggered mixing desk), Ferran Fages (acoustic turntable with resonant objects) and phenomenal percussionist Will Guthrie in a very tightly focussed mood. You can almost hear the sparks fly. The broad brushstrokes are made up of fine detail. 

Overall the mood is of electronica tempered by experience and cogency. A very impressive recording to listen to.  

It's a pity the packaging is so awful. A recording like this deserves better than one of those hopeless cd single style jewel cases. The stripy image on the cd itself is very badly printed. I doubt this was deliberate. It's on Will Guthrie's own label. Let's hope he brings his considerable abilities to bare on the presentation side of things next time. HM

Contact: http://www.antboymusic.com