Ferran Fages For Pau Torres (CD on Organized Music from Thessaloniki)

For me, with the release of Llavi vell last year, Ferran Fages had released a landmark in electro-acoustic music. In my review I think I even compared it to Soliloquy for Lilith, because of its evolution and depth and the creation of worlds within worlds. On Organized Music from Thessaloniki Fages approach is much more down to (just one) earth. The CD contains one long track, entitled For Pau Torres, a Ctalan musician as well with his own label on which Fages has released some work in the past. Minimalistic in design (with some help from Organised Music label-owner Kostis Kilymis) and executed with only guitar and walkie talkie, it is guitar that we get. Plucked strings, notes played slowly, one at a time, allowing them to float in the air for a long time and sometimes bending them by using the microphones which gives this composition a very stable, calm and relaxed atmosphere with a keen sense for details. It feels improvised and lazy as well, as if there is absolutely no need to finish and we can go in any direction we want, at all times. Where Llavi vell maybe felt introvert and claustrophobic, with For Pau Torres the answer comes in a beautifully shaped extroversion; sounding expansive and transparent continuously. PvdG

Contact: http://thesorg.noise-below.org