Fordell Research Unit - The Illusion of Movement (CD At War With False Noise/Braw Music)

This is an album that conjures up various influences from the drones of the Theatre of Eternal Music through to the more minimal, repetitive and noisy moments of Throbbing Gristle or the Velvet Underground.

Unfortunately the booklet that comes with this doesnít give away a whole heap of clues about the recording methods or means, instead it gives a brief one line spoof pretentious pseudo-intellectual  comment on each of the four tracks. A brief trawl of Google doesnít shed that much light either but it appears Fordell Research Unit have been actively releasing things for a few years. This is my only exposure to them so far and while itís not going to make my top 20 albums of the year it certainly has its moments and has something in it that has made me want to come back to one particular track more than once.

The recording sounds to me (correct me if Iím wrong) like it was done straight to hard disk, CD, cassette or whatever format they use. It has a large air of natural sounding reverb over the whole thing that would only really come from a live sound. Itís hard to tell exact what are making the sounds but I would hazard a guess at synth/s with possibly a guitar or bass and feedback.

The whole set of tracks is very minimal sounding very droney with a subtle noise edge thrown in but the stand out piece has to be track three Death of the Dying Dead. Its pace is slow, held down by a low rumbling synth drone which dominates the piece as the other sounds slot in behind it leaving the drone to take centre stage. The other sounds eventually begin to overpower the drone and high pitched sounds start to dominate. It is without doubt the highlight of the album.

For a first time encounter with Fordell Research Unit itís quite successful in making me want to listen to more but ultimately it sounds pretty home grown and very much like a band still developing. I think it could easily wear out its welcome but for now at least track three is still getting regular outings. DB

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