Fuxa- Dirty D (CD Rocket Girl)

You donít get a Fuxa album for 10 years and then you get two in two years!

Randall Nieman gave us a fantastic album last year with Electric Sound of Summer and has managed to create something equally special with Dirty D.

As with Electric Sound of Summer Randall has a whole host of collaborators with him on Dirty D from wildly differing backgrounds. Thereís BJ Cole, Ann Shenton, Judy Dyble, Suki Ewers and even Fuxa founding member Ryan Anderson (appearing on his first Fuxa track since 1990).

Dirty D is not as an immediate album as Electric soundÖ  it takes a little while to sink in, a few listens to really start to make an impression but when it does itís worth it.

The album starts with The Blue Barracuda where BJ Coleís slide guitar is put to good effect with a track that wouldnít perhaps sound out of place on a This Mortal Coil album with itís slow, reverb dense, meandering.  Itís once we get to the third track that what you could call perhaps more familiar Fuxa themes and sounds appear. Those organ sound chord progressions and little bleeps and bloops happening in the back ground. All to me, anyway, a Fuxa trademark and all very welcome. Unsurprisingly Sun is Shining, Randallís track with Ann Shenton has a very Add N to X sounding synth line and hopefully is a hint of more to come from Ann, thereís a big gap that Add N to X used to fill thatís languishing these days.

As youíd expect there are a couple of covers with Whispers (a little known Jeremy Gluck piece featuring new Fuxa member Stefan Persson on vocals) and that old classic Stand By Me. Stand By Me is one of those songs you could quietly easily murder but Randall does it justice and puts a different slant on it soundwise to give it a fresh leash of life.

Pretty faultless album from Fuxa, the highlights for me being the classic Fuxa sounding Shout out Loud and Dirty D and Berzap.  With Stand by Me being pretty close behind them. DB.

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