Reinhold Friedl - Golden Quinces, Earthed for Spatialised Neo-Beckstein (CD Boca)

Spanning almost an hour, this rather awkwardly titled piece, referencing the piano used, by the prolific German composer mostly known for his merging of minimal piano treatments with electroacoustic and musique concrete techniques is certainly an engaging listen. Beginning with subdued murmurs presumably generated by different treatments of his piano’s guts, Golden Quinces… soon embarks on a voyage where the possibilities afforded by this gradually intensify and assume new and forever restless shapes. As strings are hammered, scraped or generally thrust to spaces not originally designed for, I’m reminded of the shimmering psychometric metal sculptures of Harry Bertoia in the overall feel rather than the work of that more obvious bedfellow, Charlemagne Palestine. This is a wonderful thing, of course. Something to return to.  RJ.