GoGooo - Long, Lointain (CD Baskaru)

After a string of cdr and compilation appearances Gabriel Hernandez finally has an album out. And what a welcome collection of tracks it is. Over the years as he quietly went about his business strolling through the potentials of electro-acoustics and found-sounds he formed his own way of working. A simple, clear, understated world that, I hope, reflects the world he lives in. Or at least one that I hope he ends up living in. It sounds pretty good in that world. One where, outside, the summer Sun warms the air and makes everything so colourful. Rather be over-awed by these things, Gabriel refines it to its basics through 10 tracks. Brief moments of melody on piano or nylon strung acoustic guitar (courtesy of Albert Fadi) break up the small shuffling, the gentle taps, the natural fragments of familiar construction. Moments later there is rain and Gabriel wanders through the house, distant sounds mingle with nearer ones in these uncluttered rooms. With

occasional glances through the world outside the window, he looks back in the room and observes little things making their own sounds. Gabriel doesn't so much create music as enhance the sounds around him. He'll pause to listen. An action that rewards both him and the listener. One of the few voices hidden away is that of Tinga the cat.

A gentle album for the better days ahead. 

The white digipak bears his drawings. With a lightness of touch, the masked masked figures on the cover convey both a sense of 'the hidden' and a attractive playfulness. 

The disc comes with four 50 second long silent films. The first  scans across a scribbled green sky with clouds. The second an out of focus image of a light source across the room. But wait! Something happens! A blurred figure wanders over to the light. Ummm, and that's it. The third film is a birdhouse on the floor surrounded by red cord. Those omni-present clouds are superimposed onto the image. The final film is a drawn character moving across behind some cut-out drawings of trees. The clouds are there. 

Sadly the file marked Pictures proved to be empty. HM

Contact: www.baskaru.com