Gudrun Gut Ė Moment (CD Monika Enterprise)

I wasnít that taken by Gudrun Gutís last album Wildlife. I donít remember why now, maybe I should revisit it. But this follow up album coming 6 years later is staggeringly good.

We get 14 tracks predominantly written, recorded and produced by Gudrun taking cues from her own past ventures in the industrial days of Berlin and dragging in to join them motorik rhythms  and minimal electronica tinged with more than a little bit of synth sounds straight out of 80s England. With so many starting points itís not an album that allows for easy categorisation.  

Incorporated among the original pieces is a gorgeous cover of Bowieís Boys Keep Swinging. Minimal, sultry and dark itís works really beautifully and splits the album nicely in two.

Itís very much an album that has two distinct halves. The first half contains the more catchy melodic pieces while the second half has a more atmosphere and introspective feel and winds the album down nicely to its conclusion.

I wasnít sure what to expect from this album but have been happily surprised. And itís taken a lot of effort to play much else over the last few weeks. DB