Gudrun Gut – Wildlife (CD Monika Enterprise)

Gudrun Gut’s first output for three years and I think the first thing I’ve heard from her apart from a couple of Malaria tracks many years back. It’s her association with Neubauten that made we want to hear this album even though her being part of Neubauten right back at their inception.

Wildlife was recorded in Uckermark a calm countryside place a couple of hours outside of Berlin. It looks as though Gudrun does everything herself from writing the songs to playing and recording them. The only song not penned by Gudrun being a cover of ‘Simply the Best.’

I have to say I’m a little disappointed by this album. It’s quite a patchy release. There are some great moments on here. ‘Erinnerung’ with its pulsing synth throb or ‘Frei Sein’ with its faux Neubauten-ness are both prime examples of where Gudrun gets it right but a lot of the other songs sound very dated. This is down primarily to the sounds that are used. A lot of the synth sounds belong back in the late 80s or early nineties as does the style of the production. You take a track like ‘Protecting Mr Wildlife’ (the opener) or the second track ‘Garten’ and the synth patches used sound like something you would have found on a Yello album around the time they released Stella. The cover of ‘Simply the Best’ is far from the best. It was an awful song when Tina Turner did it and Gudrun doesn’t make it any more palatable.

Some really good moments on Wildlife but equally some rather lacklustre ones too. DB