Hartmut Geerken - Amanita  (2 x LP Qbico)

The first disc, black vinyl, features side-long extended tracts of single-minded madness. Side one is a relentless chang-chang-chang on Sun Ra's harp. It pissed me off. 

Side two tumbles and convulses into an obsessively chaotic collection of sounds  with the Sun Ra harp and a swarmandal with accompanying (ha!) aaaarrrrgggh-dadadada vocal exclamations. Rub out the word.

 Disc two, brownish vinyl, great vocal work. The slightly coarse aaaarrrrghhhhh dronish lengthens and then drops into wordless vocalizations and then back again, finally combining itself with clatter. Plenty of space and sharp edges to cut yourself on. 

The track 'Amanita Phalloicles' sticks out like a soar thumb as it's a pounding rhythm. Oddly as the second disc goes on it gets  heavier while retaining the sharp edged dischord and plucks that went before. I like the shift spread across four sides. 

The double album comes housed in a fold-over card with funny pictures capturing Geerken as the crazy bonkers chappy we love him for.  Included are fine sleeve notes where he tells of his time in Egypt with Sun Ra at the end of 1971, and  what led to Geerken recording this uncompromising album on 11th May 1995. Some nice shots of magic mushroom are on the label. 

As a Sun Ra obsessive, Geerken collected Sun Ra's prose and poetry into a weighty tome, 'The Immeasurable Equation', a print-on-demand release (it's perfect bound so mind how you handle it.) The US edition was to come out in two volumes but only one has come out as far as I know. The European edition is the one to go for as it is complete, in one volume. HM

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