Ron Geesin - A Raise of Eyebrows (LP Earmark)

He's one of those names, like Delia Derbyshire, that instantly makes the ear twitch with anticipation. With a large back catalogue of work behind him in radio, film and TV (and, yes, bloody Pink Floyd), his compositions are riddled with the humour of Ivor Cutler. OK, different thing entirely but I suspect if you like one you'll like the other. It has that radio-play feel to it. One epic tale, but I'll be buggered if I know what's going on. 

This much needed reissue of his cracker of a debut album from 1967 encapsulates all that makes his work so hilariously enjoyable. Like a demented techno-whizz-kid-musician let loose with microphones, tapes and found sounds, he assembles an album of spoken word tales, piano adventures that sound like something out of a silent film soundtrack, crazy electronics, snickety banjos, smashing glass and all the time chuckling ominously as he does it. Stand clear and leave him to it. 

A grand adventure of absurdist pleasure and Goons-like foolishness. Even after all these years there's still very little like it out there. 

Presented in 180g vinyl but my copy was crackly as fuckity. HM