Keiji Haino/Jozef Dumoulin/Teun Verbruggen - The Miracles of Only One Thing (CD Sub Rosa)

The highly overrated Japanese underground artist Haino, a man given to making grown men who should know better cream themselves stupid, is on four cuts here with Belgian pianist and percussionist, Dumoulin and Verbruggen. All four tracks were recorded live in 2015 at two separate locations in Tokyo and fall into the trap of perhaps having had to be there in the first place in order to fully appreciate the amalgam of space-gushing gongs, Alzheimerís keyboard attack and admittedly decent drums. Some nice enough sounds get woven into the fray at various junctures but the tumultuous and raw live sound, replete with intrusive hums and the like, donít in any way, shape or form convince me Iím mistaken about Haino. RJ.