Hanna Hartman Ė H^ 2 (CD Komplott)

I canít think of many artists these days whose work I would categorise as Musique Concrete. But Hanna Hartman falls into that category.

She works by recording sounds from the world around her in not just her native Sweden but other areas of the world as well and then splices these sounds together with no processing at all to create rather fascinating soundscapes.

The difference between what Hanna has done on this album compared to how she has worked before is that for H^2 she has not only used sounds found around in her environment but has also recorded people playing musical instruments of singing.

The way itís all skilfully crafted together makes it a remarkable listening experience and one you can quite easily return to again and again. The ideas that might seem odd in writing someone seem to come together perfectly on this album. It would be hard for someone to imagine that an opera singer, formula 1 racing cars, what sounds like bowed metal or some and the sounds of wildfowl could be made into a piece of music but it actually works really well.

Thereís elements here and there of early Nurse With Wound when clunking banging and scrapping where all over their early albums but for the most part this is a pretty unique way of working and one that Iím not finding too easy to get tired of. DB

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