Hard Coming Love - S/T (LP Spezialmaterial)

After three years of playing together in dimly lit rehearsal spaces and at occasional live performances Zurichís Hard Coming Love have produced this short 6 track album for Swiss label Spezialmaterial.

The band itself is made up of six musicians who seem to move between instruments with more than one person being credited as bass player, more than one singing and no less than four of them being credited as on guitar. It would have been good to know who did what on which tracks though.

Itís a pretty strong debut. They donít hide their influences and whilst theyíre not trying to be a clone of any particular band or style you can hear shades of a variety of groups and genres here from  Krautrock and Spiritualized (on Lovelight), Loop and The Telescopes (on Bodies to Ghosts) Oasis (on Looking for Some Love) through to Spacemen 3 (on We Already Said So Long).

Thereís not really any weak tracks on here everyone has its strengths. My only criticism would be that having such a large amount of influences on show makes the album perhaps lack continuity a little in the way itís been sequenced. And from a personal perspective I would have put the tracks in a different order for what I think would have made for a better listening experience. But if thatís about the only fault I can find then Hard Coming Love are doing pretty well with this debut album. It would perhaps be nice to see them moving their live show out of Zurich occasionally and maybe playing live in the UK. But perhaps thatís something they are already thinking about. DB

Contact: www.spezialmaterial.ch