Hati - Metanous (CD Zoharum)


Polandís prolific duo of Rafal Iwanski and Rafal Kolacki, otherwise known as Hati, have been long dedicated to the art of hypnotic ritual music often using metal, obscure wind instruments and other such sources embedded into this setting. Here they are joined by Robert Durowski on the seven cuts that constitute something like their fifteenth album in thirteen years, bringing with him a rain stick, clap sticks and various pipes all equally used to appropriately atmospheric effect. The fact that Hati often collaborated, both on recordings and live, with the late Zíev might well furnish you with some idea as to where their music beams in from, but the work of Steve Roach, Zoviet France and Vidna Obmana also serves touchstones at various points, even if not necessarily directly. Some of the cuts are imbued with a slightly more rhythmic sensibility, but it is always tempered and never strays from the main objective. Keep the lighting low, burn some incense and fall deep into the mindspace this music is primed for. RJ

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