Hauschka & Hildur Guðnadóttir – Pan Tone (LP Sonicpieces)

A one time live collaboration between Volker Bertelman (aka Hauschka) and Hildur Gudnadottir, here trying to capture the beauty of the sea by means of transforming different types of blue into sonic expressions. This maybe sound a little vague, but in essence that is the idea behind the performance. In a way they succeed in this attempt, as for a distinct number of reasons the 6 wordless dialogues (with titles named after colour numbers, here all variations of blue), indeed do have some aquatic feel to them.  First, in all the tracks there is harmony present throughout, giving the pieces a certain watery flow. Secondly, the drones from the cello from time to time give the listener a feeling of being completely submerged and finally, the piano interludes layering over the dense surface perfectly makes scenery for setting sail to unknown shores. Throughout the whole disc the pace is slow, with the prepared piano and cello telling stories of inexplicable sadness, all against the background of an immense calm ocean. Now this all may be evoked by the musician’s intentions, titles and the setting of the live registration in London during an event called “arctic circle’s bubbly blue and green festival” which apparently was themed around water, what can be sensed throughout the whole registration is that the artists are giving each other sufficient space to play, and because of this absence of internal competition the way is open to create a truly beautiful live registration. PvdG