A Hawk and a Hacksaw and the Hun Hangar Ensemble- S/T  (CD Leaf)

Here's where one-man-band Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost (violin, viola, cello) take their pleasantly down-at-home sound to its logical extent and delve even deeper into traditional Hungarian music. With the help of the Budapest's Fonó music centre, local musicians were assembled, and thus was born The Hun Hangár Ensemble. They're occasionally referred to (certainly not by Jeremy and Heather) as the 'backing band' but that does them a disservice. As enjoyable as the album is with its rollicking run through of Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian and klezmer songs along with self-penned tunes, I'd liked to have heard them by themselves. I wonder if they'll stay together for a while longer and make their own albums?  

Along with the Cd comes a 23 minute Dvd, 'An Introduction to A Hawk and a Hacksaw', filmed by David Herman. It largely features Jeremy and Heather strolling around and playing across Europe and USA. Hardly gripping viewing but it makes a nice little postcard from their travels. 

It comes in a very nicely presented gatefold wallet. with a big red cock on the cover. Rooster, I mean. HM

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