HELLO SKINNY – S/T (CD Slowfoot)

An almost dreamed debut on Slowfoot records by drummer Tom Skinner here performing as Hello Skinny. The South London based Slowfootlabel are exploring the boundaries between experimental and popular music. And from exploration often comes new things, sometimes of interest, sometimes not. Here almost all directions at the very least reveal stuff worth hearing multiple times.  

What we get is a playful sort of urban exotica, making Hello Skinny’s debut album the Kraut-lounge album a lot of contemporary composers would have loved to make but never dared. Or it must have been the Residents, who  recorded a track with the name Hello Skinny on their 1978 Buster & Glen album. The cover that Tom Skinner plays here stays fairly close to the original, maybe with the difference that Skinner seem to take this stuff bloody seriously. Whatever one would expect, be it polished Krautrock or easy listening pop, strange sidesteps to contemporary jazz or absurdist experiments with funky grooves and mimicking bigbands , you’ll get it all. With Skinner being all over the place, be sure there is not a single moment to relax and wonder. Making connections and taking them further, that is what it is about on this record. PvdG.

Contact: www.slowfoot.co.uk