Huntsville - Pond (CD Hubro)

The trio that make up Huntsville have been forging ahead with their distinctive sound now since 2006. Their latest release Pond was recorded and mixed in only a week in an Oslo recording studio and comprises of just four long tracks.

The previous album Past Increasing, Future Receding, made use of a room with exceptional acoustics and a long-lasting echo. This led the band into darker territories than before and whilst that is still here to some extent this album shows how the band are still developing.

You could see this music as cinematic, it certainly comes across as being apt for setting the scene in a film or accentuating the situation.

Huntsville use improvisation to create their music and itís difficult to come up with something to instantly compare it to but the first band that came to mind whilst listening to track one was Cul de Sac. You could perhaps throw in Tortoise as a name too but ultimately the tracks embrace such different genres you canít have a one size fits all approach to this.  It flits from Cul de Sac style piece to a more laid back Jazz piece through another more guitar based track to the last piece which is probably the most experimental sounding with its scrapings and clangings and sparse-ness. In some elements of this we almost head into Neubauten territory.

Through it all though you can hear itís the same people performing and the tracks whilst covering such a wide range of styles still sit together well.

Itís not a particularly earth shattering album but itís enjoyable enough and makes Huntsville a band to keep an eye on. DB