Johannes Helden Ė Title Sequence (CD Ideal Recordings)

Swedish artist Johannes Helden is a man of many interests. Heís a visual and sound artist, a poet and a science fiction addict. Title Sequence is the follow up to his album Trente Oiseaux and heís take his time to release a follow up as itís ten years since Trente Oiseaux was released.

Title Sequence is very much an ambient chill out type of an album. Very slow moving keyboard based pieces that donít do anything very radical and just very gently move along and act wonderfully as a background but donít unfortunately get very far beyond that.

The album starts off well enough conjuring up memories of Eno around the early ambient era but the quality doesnít get sustained and the album becomes slightly same-y and itís almost as if Johannes is struggling to find new ideas so that by the time youíre about a third of the way in youíre really struggling to spot the difference between the pieces.

Thereís some nice moments early on but I think the best bits could have been put together as an EP rather than stretching out what appears to be a limited idea into a whole album. DB