Mary Hampton - My Mother's Children (LP +CD Navigator Records)

Steeped in English folk music Mary's collection of self-penned songs reveal a new take on folk. The initial familiarity of the sound blossoms into a highly personal, and hence universal, expression of what the folk tradition means to her. These poignant tales are both surreal and anchored in haunting memories.  

For the project she's worked with some stalwarts of the Brighton acoustic scene like cellist Alice Eldridge and cornet player Alistair Strachan. I wonder how much of the album's more unusual sections are their influence or is it all from Mary? She's certainly always been open to experimentation like on her uncredited appearance on Vole's album 'Sea Shells Listening.' 

No idea who did the artwork for the cover and inner sleeve but they're very much in-keeping with the tone of the album. Well worth a look. 

The vinyl edition comes packaged with a cd of the album. HM