Sten Hanson - My Galloping Heart (7" Fylkingen Records)

Swedish electro-acoustic composer Sten Hanson's multi-media recorded work has always had a uniquely personal feel to it. Like Henri Chopin he found his ability to express a new language through the use of tape machines. This use of processing evolved into what then became known as 'Electronic Text Sound.' 

For the single things have taken the sense of the Personal to it's logical extreme - a processed recording of his heartbeat. In 2001 when he landed in hospital with an irregular heartbeat the sound and waveforms were recorded by the medical staff on videotape. After having a dose of shock treatment to get his heart back on track, Sten nabbed one of the video tapes. What you hear is the sound from the video. It's processed and sounds like a whipping sound, akin to a DJ scratching rapidly. Kind of amusing given the potentially grave nature of its origins. 

The front cover is a shot from the video. HM