Sten Hanson - Text Sound Compositions (LP Fylkingen Records)

The invention of the mass market tape recorder revolutionized music. As an abrupt snap from the typewriter, the tape recorder empowered the writers and sound poets to explore, break/rebuild the potential of the spoken word as collage and environment. Words stretched, repeated, fragmented, turned and became Sound Poetry.  

Since the 1960's Hanson works with the human voice paralleled that of Henri Chopin and Ake Hodell. As others before him did, Hanson broke the sentence and liberated the pronouncement of the spoken word. On radio, live, and even on TV, he spread his ....well, virus.... that shattered words and expressed another truth produced by the human vocal cords. Tape recordings opened the possibility of human utterances to a wordless poetry. 

The recordings here date primarily come from studio recordings from 1970 with a couple from 1971 and 1973. Some vocal performances (manipulated) are by Hanson himself but also by Kirstin Stahl, Ellika Linden, Maylene  Bergstrom whose 'fnarps(e) 1970' is an instant favourite around here. At once ambient and percussive, these recordings bring allow the possibility of individual perception and expression of 'being' (excuse the ponceyness but I'm sure you you see what I mean.) 

Each track has a particular method of working.  For example 'Ouhm (1973)' performed by Kirstin Stahl uses 'non semantic oral language' (sleeve notes words) which form into an orgasmic expression of honest love. 

These recordings liberate. I can't help but think that they were emotionally exhausting recordings to produce but the album was worth it. Post-production work not withstanding, I shudder to think what it was like to be in the room and experience the performance first hand. HM