Steve Hauschildt Tragedy & Geometry (CD Kranky)

Most of us know about Windows media player skins that play music accompanied by colorful movements and kaleidoscopic images. The most recent work of Emeralds-keyboardist Steve Hauschildt turns this effect around, as if it is composed to fit the computer generated fractals. Just like the graphics, the music is transmitted to the listener, from an endless cornucopia which is constantly replenished.

The music itself occasionally tends to conjure up ugly associations with Jean Michel Jarre's ambient style of music but the similarities luckily never become too solid. The approach stays unchanged during the whole disk, yielding 14 simple but beautiful spacey tracks. Good thing is that almost unnoticed the character becomes more expansive as the end draws near. Even after multiple listens Tragedy & Geometry manages to stay interesting, and that's quite a compliment. PvdG