The Heads – Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (2 x CD Rooster)

Spectacular reissue of the second album by the Heads coming out in both a gem packed double CD and a large lavish 5 LP deluxe box set. 

Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere was the Heads second album released back in July 2000 on the Sweet Nothing label and whereas the first album Relaxing with the Heads hinted at what the band could do Everybody…. really delivers on that promise.  

If you’re not familiar with The Heads you could describe them as being something of a mixture of Loop (a band that now has the rhythm section of the band in its current line up), The MC5 and  the Stooges with a bit of Hawkwind (have a listen to #75 from this album and Hawkwind’s Shouldn’t Do That, back to back) thrown in for good measure. 

The album opens with Legavaan Satellite which has to be a contender for one of the best opening tracks of all time it’s pounding drums and bass line pummeling their way deep into your head. The album really never lets up much after that continuing on its attempt to blast you into submission and along the way chucking in a few vocal samples here and there and little bit of the Heads experimental side on tracks like the backwards running My My.  

The second disc contains sessions done for John Peel and Mark Radcliffe and the contents of the Mans Ruin label releases. Perhaps sounding slightly rougher round the edges there’s still nothing here on this second disc of bonuses that smacks of anyone scrapping the barrel.  

If you want even more of the Heads then the vinyl box set gives you all of the content on here plus a live album called California Jams recorded during their US tour of 2000 and a CD of demos from Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere. 

In these times of endless repackaging and reissuing of albums this one stands head and shoulders above a lot of them and for those new to the band or those just wanting to replace their worn out original this is a very worthwhile purchase.

The band are also playing a rare one off gig at the Lexington in London on the 8th April 2015. DB

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