InstitutionD.O.L. Our Love Can Destroy This Whole Fucking World (CD LP TORM Ent)

Institution D.O.L are an Austrian Power Electronics band. Their first release seems to have been back in 1999 after which there was a gap of several years before they became more active and they have released a number of albums over the years. This one though has been a while in the making. It was recorded between 2016 and 2018

The album opener “Invocation” seems a bit out of place for a Power Electronics band. It’s got more in keeping with early Current 93 than Whitehouse. Latin chanting priest, whirling organ and some more random synth blips and bloops.  Taking in the album as a whole this doesn’t fit with the rest of it.

But from then on we get to more familiar territory. The following two pieces “We Are The Black Ones” and “You Are All Lost” hit you with low pitched synth rumbles and roars and high pitched squealing. All with shouted vocals over laying it all. Pretty standard sort of Power Electronics but both fairly effective tracks that make them a step above many other Power Electronics bands.

The fourth piece “Abschlachtung” (slaughter) is a slightly different affair. Beginning with screams and shouts pertaining to the track title it then moves into a more dark ambient phase with synth pads as the predominant music overlaid with some distorted sounds, a few sparse vocals and slowly mutates back into darker nosier realms before ending with a return of the ambient synth. It’s a good way of breaking up the album and avoiding a 45 minute blast of nothing but noise and power.

Then we are back to the power electronics for two further pieces until we reach the 12 minute piece that is the title track. This is clearly the magnum opus the piece that is their proudest moment. It takes in many different styles. It moves from its start with bursts of noise and metal percussion into a soft gentle string synth riff that gets overlaid with some vocals. Then onwards to some high pitched squeals and into a gentle luscious piano riff. Lasting for a couple of minutes this is joined by a man clearly in some distress crying and delivering a monologue in what I think is German. All incredibly melancholy and it would be nice to know what he was saying or where it came from. And this is really where it ends…. Fading out on the piano riff loop. A pretty intense end to the album.

All in all it’s a pretty accomplished album. The highlight clearly being the final track. And apart from the first track that seems so completely out of place it’s an album well worth exploring. DB