Iroha - Shepherds & Angels (CD Denovali Records)

Iím well out of the loop when it comes to groups or projects associated, even tenuously, with Godflesh or Justin K. Broadrick. Accordingly, this third album by a trio comprising two members who were in Final and Jesu is completely new to me, even if the music itself isnít.  Over the course of seven tracks, atmospheric guitar textures and rock gestures are driven along by slow-mo rhythms pinned into place by the kinda anguished vocals also to be found in Jesu. Lighter in tone than so much such music, this still weighs heavily with all those tricks embedded at the core of the likes of Mogwai or even post-1990s The Cure, when not veering into playful pop.  As such music goes, it is fine, but Iím not entirely convinced it goes anywhere not already heard via JesuÖ  RJ