JK Flesh – Posthuman (CD 3by3)

Either he’s been under my radar or Justin Broadrick hasn’t been that much in public view recently. So it was a pleasant surprise, for me, when Godflesh reformed and played an intense and memorable show last June at the Forum.  To follow up that and the re-release of Street Cleaner Justin returns to his JK Flesh persona for Posthuman an album that combines elements of many of his projects from Godflesh to Techno Animal to Greymachine.

Posthuman was recorded at Broadrick’s newly built studio in a secluded part of North Wales but the sounds coming out of it are anything but those you’d associate with the countryside.  It starts off with huge ferociousness, coming at you with the impact of some of Godflesh’s finest moments and continues to pummel you like that for the first three tracks.  The following two thirds of the album move off into more Techno Animal sounding material with a lot more space given to the sounds rather than the brutal guitar assault it started with. There’s a lot more emphasis on rhythm and although the harshness is still there it’s not allowed to completely dominate the tracks. But not content to just find a groove and stick with it Broadrick continues to explore and allow more genres to find their place on the album with industrial and dubstep all getting a look in.

It’s a pretty full on experience and to manage to generate a level of energy and excitement almost comparable to something  like live Godflesh is pretty hard to do but somehow, here, it’s been done.

Pretty much already up there as a strong contender for album of the year. DB

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