Jesus on Mars – S/T (CD Dissolving records)

I know nothing at all about Jesus on Mars (is it a solo project or a band?) other than that the name is taken from a Sci-fi novel by Philip José Farmer. The album is dedicated to Philip K Dick, Richard Pinhas (of Heldon) and Conrad Schnitzler. The last two names certainly giving a fairly good clue about what you can expect this to sound like.

The first track ‘Jesus on Mars’ is to some extent the odd one out. It’s got far more of a feel of early Throbbing Gristle about it starting off with a couple of low pitched  analogue hums that are slightly out of tune with each other and some muffled low in the mix vocal samples that sound like old medium wave or long wave radio recordings. Other various analogue sounds pop in here and there and give the whole piece a dark feel to it as it moves towards it conclusion. It’s probably to me the most successful piece on the album being not quite as blatant in its influences as the other four pieces.

The remaining four tracks on here are firmly rooted in 70’s synth music. The influence of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Cluster etc is very prominent. The pieces are all good examples of that type of genre through what sounds like the use of analogue synthesisers rather than current virtual or digital equivalents. The standout piece of the four being ‘Galactic Pot Healer’ with its use of an arpeggiator giving it a very mid 70s Tangerine Dream feel.

This is a pretty solid start for Jesus on Mars (I’m assuming here this is their first album) and it will be interesting to see how they progress from here. DB

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