Daniel Jones and David Papapostolou - Leaving Room (CDr Adjacent  Recordings)

Jones and Papapostolou's debut collaborative album is aptly titled. With an awareness of space, time and frequency their recordings and performances explore the use of acoustic and electric sources with an attention to the minutiae of each tone - sometimes complex, sometimes pure. Listening to the album as a whole is like having all sounds stripped to the bone and revealed to you objectively. Not so much 'glitch' as a analysis of the possibilities of the use of electronics resulting in a placement of pristine frequencies and clicks.  It encourages listening and rewards it by the bucket load. Bloody marvellous. 

6 immaculately detailed tracks presented as a cdr tacked into an A5 sized card cover. The label's debut release. Might as well start as you mean to go on, eh? Very nice indeed. HM

Contact: http://adjacent-recordings.blogspot.com