Rolf Julius – Raining (CD Western Vinyl)

Rolf Julius’ Raining was released earlier this year (as the first in a series of posthumous releases) after he passed away in January 2011. The main piece here is the, almost, 54 minutes, in length, field recording title track. As is often the case with Julius' work, the volume at which the track is listened too very much determines how it is experienced. At low volume it is quite successful in creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere, whilst at loud volume along with the details comes unease.  

Rolf Julius way of working is make field recordings and more or less enriching them with minimalistic details. ‘Weitflächig’ and ‘Music for a Glimpse Inward’ are more processed tracks and feel more artificial. On the title track, the rain is continuously present at a level just below the white noise threshold. And all though there is not really much happening, the organic atmosphere constantly feels very thick, as if it is heavy with fear for what is nearing. With adding details (wood cracking, sound of distant cows, the rubbing of metal rings from an empty swing still moving) in slow cyclical patterns and  variations in intensity the piece almost feels timeless. As if it has always been there and will go on forever. The piece forms a perfect tribute to eternity. PvdG