Ernst Karel Ė Swiss Mountain Transport Systems (CD Gruenrekorder)

This is one of Gruenrekorderís series of Field Recordings. Obviously from the title itís of Swiss Mountain Transport Systems. The 9 tracks were recorded between July 2008 and November 2008 by Ernst Karel who, to quote his website, works with analog electronics and with location recordings, sometimes separately, sometimes in combination, to create audio pieces that move between the abstract and the documentary.

The pieces on this Cd are pure location recordings, no processing or manipulation has been used. There are a variety of different types of transport recorded, funiculars, gondolas and chairlifts. There is even a recording of a helicopter transporting building materials but I think this is perhaps stretching the meaning of the title a little.

As an album to listen to its perhaps more interesting than you might imagine. A number of the recordings have quite captivating rhythms to them and other ones have underlying drones that make the pieces sound like ideal backing pieces for industrial soundscapes. And looking at Ernstís history itís perhaps a shame he hasnít taken some of these and added some of his electronics to them to make them more of a repeatable experience.

There is, in the notes with the CD, information about the transport systems themselves and also about the equipment he used to record them.

As a one or two time listening experience itís an album that has its moments but I think in order for it to become more than that you would need some manipulation of the sounds or more complex and changeable sounds to begin with. DB