Felix Kubin – TXRF (CD wordandsound)

Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence (TXRF) is a method used to analyse the surfaces of materials by firing extremely flat X-rays.

I’m not entirely sure why Felix Kubin called this album TXRF I can only assume the pieces collected together on this release are his approximation of how he believes the TXRF would sound if its output was sound waves or perhaps the source material for this album was the TXRF. Unfortunately the press release doesn’t make it too clear as to which of those theories is the right one.

Felix has used a very bare bones approach here with just an old Korg MS20 an SQ10 sequencer and a filter.  Much of Acid house was based around the throb and hums of old Korg MS20s and MS10s and so it’s no surprise that TXRF is full of competent electronica and acid based tracks. The more surprising elements are the other tracks that are far more left field and experimental in nature and tackle the subject of medical machinery. There’s a the sound clinical metallic sounds you’d associate with medical buildings, the fluctuations of rhythm perhaps leading to a sense of timelessness and the randomness of sounds that you’d associate with machines outputting data rather than music. And it’s these tracks that ultimately stop it from being just another electronica or techno inspired album. DB

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