Julia Kent & Barbara de Dominicis – Parallel 41+ Faraway Close (CD + DVD Baskaru)

When listening to the explorations between US resident Julia Kent and Italian Barbara de Dominicis the idea of listening to music that you’ve heard before without knowing where, may creep in. Haunting and mournful are words that come to mind when listening to Parallel 41. The soundscapes are dominated by cello and voice create an atmosphere like that of being part of a fairytale, complete with its moments of beauty and horror.   

The accompanying DVD tries in little over half an hour to explain some of the background of the project. Philosophising about the commonalities comes across as a little strained, finding excuses why these 2 cities have some special connection (besides that they both are situated on the imaginary 41st parallel). This supporting material isn't totality convincing and merely consists of finding similarities in images of the old and new streets of Naples and New York. Interviews and recording locations make up for a nice documentary but at the same time it also reduces the magic of the record. PvdG

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