Kassel Jaeger – Rituel de la Mort du Soleil (CD on Unfathomless)

‘Music is everywhere, if only we had ears’ is something John Cage said, I believe. Kassel Jaeger recorded the music that is La Mort du Soleil together with Jan Minuit somewhere in France, a rural area so it seems, on an evening (and the night that followed) during the summer of 2011. Rituel de la Mort du Soleil tells a seemingly unimportant story, a pagan excursion that could be recorded at a lot of places, times, universes even, yet it sticks in one’s memory, forming a mosaic with dazzling details, unfolding a million possibilities to pay tribute to ancient magic.

A recording of the first moments after the sun has died I’d like to think could sound like this, where all overwhelming sound is absent and lots of space suddenly is created for things that went unnoticed before. Jaeger and Minuit explore the tiniest details, finding patterns in apparently random sound bits  and sometimes it is as if the guys directly communicate with the local flora and fauna, as if it wants to create awareness of a sun dying. There’s parts of introspection leveling out with mysterious atmosphere, but in essence I’d like to think that this record is just paying tribute to the ever continuing cycle of an evening, being washed over with night, when the cracking of wood just yields more effect compared to carefully composed music.   

The track sounds as if recordings are heavily processed, but one can also imagine that, when using just a lot of microphones, at this micro-level beauty rules. And all though the title may imply astral aspirations ultimately resulting in the sun’s demise, this recording is steeped in soil, with the clay’s musty odor seeping through. When it ends in silence, it feels as if this was all a dream and never actually happened. Knowing that the moment of creation itself is fleeting, with a new day dawning, all that existed for a while evaporates. PvdG.

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