Kid606 - Happiness (CD )

Happiness from its very name seems to be an attempt to come at us from a completely different head space to the one Lost in the Game inhabited, Lost was an exploration of psychosis, depression and disorientation…. Happiness in contrast indulges itself in relocation from LA to Berlin, in being newly single, in road trips, beaches and hiking.

The 11 tracks Kid 606 presents here are created by him drawing on happy cheerful moments from the present and linking them to the most exciting and happy memories from childhood and adolescence.

That aura of happiness, excitement and general upbeatness flows through the pieces of Happiness. The sound is clear and bright and uplifting. Giving us a slice of electronicia that doesn’t concentrate too hard on the bass but accentuates and almost prioritises the top end with a clarity often missing from other releases in this genre.

The influences are fairly wide with elements giving reminders of The Orb, Oval and Tangerine Dream and the odd addition here and there  of what almost sound like mutated elements from cheesy soft rock tracks (a slightly warped take on a sax solo on Smooth Sailing being a prime example).

Happiness starts to stutter a little before the end, the last few tracks sounding rather like Kid 606 was starting to run out of steam a little but for the most part this  is still a pretty successful release. DB.