Kleistwahr Ė This World Is Not My Home (CD Fourth Dimension)

Gary Mundyís first Kleistwahr release since 2007ís The Return has been worth waiting for. A 39 minute long single piece (listed as 7 parts on the back cover)that acts as a perfect example of how to make a successful Power Electronics record.

Heavily weighted towards the guitar as the primary source of sound Gary Mundy makes the thing scream in huge slabs of noise like youíd expect from a Power Electronics release but what makes this such a compelling listen is that it has more than just the walls of noise. Thereís parts of this where itís almost veering into ambient territory with swathes of guitar washes layered over with deep in the mix voices and assorted rumbles and crashes and just when you start to get settled in the whole thing goes headfirst back into the more intense all-consuming walls of guitar noise again.

To some extents this is almost like a heavier bassier sounding version of Mundyís ex band mate Matthew Bowerís Sunroof project. Both of then using the guitar as the main instrument and both heading in vaguely the same direction. It might be interesting to see what they could come up with as a duo.

The winning factor though of this album for me is how it goes so much further than just being a Power Electronics or noise album by being so multi-dimensional in comparison to so much that comes out of these genres these days.

Itís a pretty intense 39 minutes and I donít think I would have needed it to be any longer but itís a 39 minutes I keep returning to again and again. DB

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