Koolaid – (Global Tyranny) (CD Agitated)

This really has to be a late contender for album of the year 2011.

Koolaid blur the boundaries of many genres here on this ltd four track LP. There’s the swirling psychedelic fuzz of Loop, the prankster-ness of Negativland and the sound samples you’d have found permeating any self-respecting early 80s industrial band that had an unhealthy interest in Charles Manson and Jim Jones.

Koolaid seem to be a bit shrouded in mystery there’s no information about who they are, what they’ve done before or what they might do next. But whatever it is they do, do next, I’d like to be the first to hear it…

There’s only four tracks here but each one stands on its own as a great piece. 18/11 starts off with Jim Jones preaching at us from his little sanctuary in Guyana and develops into a post industrial piece with soundscapes, guitar noise and backwards rhythms…..

Inter-City Firm follows with more emphasis on the Loop sound element of things. Think of Loop overlaid with weird found speech samples and you’re almost there…in fact as this on the Agitated label think of Mugstar overlaid…. and you’ll be more or less there…. Charles Manson makes an appearance here with a sample I’ve heard somewhere before.  Jim Jones and Manson are fairly standard clichéd samples to use and probably went out of date some years ago but somehow the feel and vibe of this album make that irrelevant and shows that they both still work really well as people to use as sound bites.

Ritual #3 is next and takes the whole thing down a little in pace with its slightly sitar sounding loop that it starts with giving way to more slow riffing Mugstar/Loop sounds as it progresses only to head back into the sitar like sounds again for the last couple of minutes.

The final track The Process opens with a nice squeal of feedback and religious samples about rich people (don’t know if the title is referring to the Process Church that Genesis P-Orridge had a big interest in.. but it could be)….. more Mugstar style riffing and samples continue throughout this piece.

And that’s your lot… short but very, very sweet. I got this as a bunch of digital files to review and liked it so much I’ve been out and brought a copy on vinyl. It comes with a remix CD  and mix tape. DB