Krzywdy Ė Czary (CD Zoharum)

New signings to the Zoharum label Krzywdy (Polish for harm) bring something a little different to what Zoharum usually release. The band is made up of members of ROSK (A Polish black metal band) with guest performers and they create music inspired for the most part by Scandinavian folk.

The five tracks are all quite similar in style. Very tribal in nature with the repetitive nature of the rhythms in the background playing an important part in holding the pieces together and creating a trance like effect. The vocals over the top of this are more ritualistic in nature again with a large emphasis on repetition, phrases being repeated over and over in a hypnotic manner. Occasionally acoustic instruments make an appearance (particularly on the third track Wichry Skalne,) filling in the gaps and adding in that folk element Krzywdy are taking their inspiration from.

Hard to really make comparisons here but if you took elements of Phurpa, Oral Constitution and mid 80s Current 93 you might be coming close to what Krzywady sound like.

Itís a very enjoyable album, one of Zoharumís best releases from their most recent ones and it would be good to see how Krzywdy can develop their sound for future albums. DB